Welcome to Sussex Elementary

Sussex Elementary is located in the Southeast Area of Baltimore County in the Essex community. We offer educational programs for children from prekindergarten through grade five with two special education cluster programs providing communication and learning support for 3, 4, and 5 year olds. Sussex Elementary is a Title I school. Our school services students from two communities. The Sussex community is a waterfront community. The Riverwood Park and Cove Village communities are located three miles from the school.

Our Mission
The staff at Sussex Elementary strives to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment in order to promote positive experiences among students, teachers, parents, and the community resulting in higher educational achievement. At Sussex, we work to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them to reach their potential both academically and socially in a diverse, ever changing, technological society

Sussex Pledge
I am Respectful.
I am Responsible.
I am Safe.
I am Prepared.

Driving Directions

What's Happening

5th Grade Ballroom Dancing
The fifth grade students participated in a week long ballroom dancing class.  They learned to dance the tango, cha-cha, and many more.

5th grade ballroom dancing final from Sarah Schlenoff on Vimeo.

Safe Racers
The third grade students designed, built, and tested cars using what they learned during their Science unit.


Safe Racers VIdeo 2015 from Sarah Schlenoff on Vimeo.


Breakfast with Dad's 
More than 100 DAD's attended "Breakfast and a Game with Dad" on March 30th.  Click here to see pictures from the event!


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Common Core State Standards

  September 2016  
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